william baird

Film & TV Composer | Original Music for Compelling Stories

All of my composing is undertaken at my own personal studio (McBaird Studios) in Calgary, Alberta. I am very blessed to have a space that inspires me everyday and a collection of equipment that allows me to create high quality music. From my Neve™ mixing desk, to "retro" pieces of kit that I have accumulated over the last 30 years, it is the best "office" a person could ask for!  

My DAW of choice is MOTU™ Digital Performer 9 for composing, as this is what I have used since it first came out. I operate a iZ Radar Studio hosting ProTools 12 HD, which is used for all the final recording and mixing.

I own a Neve™ Genesys Black mixing console to do the initial recordings. If I need to record live musicians,  then I work with local commercial studios.


Zak, the producer. 

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