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Film & TV Composer | Original Music for Compelling Stories

My concept for 'Fifteen Stories' was to create FIFTEEN 2 minUTE pieces of original music to accompany a single image and a compelling story.

The aim of each piece is to illustrate how music can illicit emotion to a static image, allowing the imagination of the listener to take on their own perception of the story. The associated narrative for some images are fictional, but in the majority of cases these are actual true stories.

This process proved to be a valuable tool that inspired my own creativity and inspiration in composing music.

More details can be found at www.fifteenstories.com

Missing child

brandon stanton

William Baird composer music sample called Escape
William Baird composer music sample called Lost Children

March 24th 1991, a 4 year old boy disappeared from the Blanshard Street Playground, Victoria, British Columbia. The boy was playing within metres of his parents. No witnesses have ever been identified. The search for the boy was the largest police investigation in Canadian history and to date he has never been found. 

Since 2010, Stanton has taken street portraits of ordinary people living and working in New York, accompanied by stories about their lives. He is the founder of “Humans of New York.” His own personal story inspired me to write this piece of music to reflect the amazing person he is, the inspirational work he does and the incredible stories he brings to the world. He is a true storyteller.

Ghostly Remains

everest - another victim 

Starting The Ascent Final.jpg
William Baird composer music sample called Ghostly Remains

On November 24th 1973, a US Navy DC-3 crash landed onto Sólheimasandur beach in Iceland. The crew survived the impact but the plane was left abandoned. The remains now sit eerily among the volcanic wasteland having been battered by years of punishing Arctic weather. Ripped of its soul this once majestic aircraft lays lonely and forgotten.

In 2006, a British climber made his final push on the northeast ridge of Mt. Everest.  At 8,230m he attempts to reach the summit. The next day over 40 climbers pass a body crouched motionless, he is severely frostbitten and is slowly dying. With no one able to help sadly he becomes another victim. Since the first successful climb to the summit, 216 people have died on the mountain. 150 bodies have never been recovered.


Wolves - nature's unsung heroes

William Baird composer music sample called Lonely Wilderness
William Baird composer music sample called Lonely Walk

The Pripyat amusement park was to be opened on May 1, 1986, in time for the May Day celebrations but on April 26 the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred just a few miles away. The park was opened for a couple of hours on April 27 to keep the city people entertained before the announcement to evacuate the city was made. 

Two western Canadian governments are culling grey wolves in a bid to save caribou. Experts say these culls are unscientific, unethical and unwarranted. Establishing habitat quality is the only answer for any significant increase in caribou population. In contrast wolves in the Banff National Park are now part of the Southern Rockies Canine Project. This is the most extensive wolf research project in North America. Since the recolonization of wolves in the 1980's this has improved the balance of the ecosystem, and the park is determined to keep them in place. 


waiting for a gift of life

A young boy waits for news that his father is going to get an organ donor. In 2013, 246 Canadians died waiting for organ transplants. This could have been prevented. There was no shortage of organs that could have been used to save those lives, but only if their owners would have volunteered to their transplantation whilst still alive. Only 1% of Canadians who die in hospital donate an organ. 

William Baird composer music sample St. Kilda

This is St Kilda, the barren, rocky archipelago of four small islands. The outermost of the Outer Hebrides, 110 miles off the west coast of Scotland, was cut-off by stormy seas for up to nine months of the year. In 1930, the last 36 people were evacuated from the island, bringing 2,000 years of habitation to an end.

Forgive me FATHER

ukraine riots

William Baird composer music sample called Walk in the City

The riots took place in Ukraine between 18th-23rd February 2014, during which a series of violent events involving protesters, riot police, and unknown shooters in the capital, Kiev. Scores of protesters were killed by police snipers making this the bloodiest protest in Ukrainian history.

William Baird composer music sample called Forgive me Father

A manhunt is underway for a terrifying Mafia Boss.  As the Police search frantically in vain, a lone man sits at the back of a Church.  Pulling out his phone, a sly grin emerges on his face.  With a simple text, the next victims have their fate sealed.  In an instant, he feels no sin as he asks for forgiveness.  Remorse has no chance to stop him.

James Earl ray captured in london


William Baird composer music sample called Lost Love
William Baird composer music sample called Sacred Rock

June 8th 1968 whilst trying to leave London Heathrow Airport, suspected assassin James Earl Ray was apprehended due to one man's attention to detail. Kenneth Human was the immigration officer who noticed that Ray had two Canadian passports which triggered a problem. Special Branch officers intervened and the most wanted man in America had been caught.

A heartbroken man sits alone contemplating the times he and his wife came to visit this special place. He waits patiently for her soul to embrace him, in hope that she can help ease his suffering and loss.


Hero's Journey - joseph campbell

William Baird composer music sample called Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell, an American mythological researcher coined the phrase 'The Hero's Journey'. Through his lifelong research he discovered that there are common patterns running through myths and stories. It begins with 'The Call to Adventure'. The journey takes the hero on a path of self discovery, endurance, enlightenment and creative growth. The return journey aims to bring home the true hero in us all. 

William Baird composer music sample called Into the Wild

The mist glides slowly across the beautiful landscape, slowly awakening its surroundings. As birds begin to sing and activity returns to the river, this wilderness has unexpected stories to tell.


William Baird composer music sample autumn leaves

As each Summer draws to a close, the changing scenes of nature inspire a whole new landscape of colour - so begins the transformation of Nature's beauty. As the wind rises, the leaves float like birds in the sky. Autumn is among us once again.



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