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The Secret Marathon - Documentary Feature Film

Back in December 2016, I received an email from Scott Townend, a film maker based in Edmonton. He told me that he was looking for a composer to come onboard with a team who were making a documentary about a secret marathon being held in Afghanistan. The reason this marathon is secret is that it is the first time women are allowed to race.

Of course, I was delighted to be asked and when I found out more about the story behind the film, I was even more committed to the project. Since then I have met Kate McKenzie, (co-director and executive producer) and Martin Parnell, (executive producer) both who appear in the film. 

Fast forward to today. The Secret Marathon is now a reality, and on Feb 7th 2017, the first trailer was released to help with securing the final funding needed to complete the film. I am so proud to have contributed my music to this trailer and now look forward to writing the music to the feature length film.





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